Wednesday, August 22, 2007


The other day C and IJ were playing a game on Nick Jr. were you had to guide a little ant through the ant tunnels to see his friends. Well C decided that the little ant must be hungry and said (while dangling pinched fingers above the ant):

"You look hungry. How about a nice human?"

That kid has a strange imagination.

Sunday, May 06, 2007


I may have mentioned before that for his 4th birthday, C got his very own gas powered 4-wheeler. No more Power-Wheels for him! (IJ has inherited C's old 4-wheeler and enjoys running into things. :) )

So far C's been just riding it around in a big circle in our yard until he gets used to controling it, and he's getting pretty good at it. He's only had one incident where he rode too close to nana and papa's truck and scraped some paint off the truck's front bumper. That freaked him out a bit (he did not want to tell nana and papa what he did when R made him go and talk to them) and he's been paying more attention since.

Since C's been getting better R has taken him out on a couple of short rides down the trail near our house (R on his 4-wheeler and C following behind on his). The last time they went out R took the camera and got some video clips:

When they got back to the house R was telling me how well he did on the ride, and then I watched the videos. "You didn't tell me he hit a tree!" "Oh, it was just a sapling." Yeah, these guys are gonna make my hair go gray very early in life... :)


Yep, I procrastinated until May. You all should have known that I would. :) Anyway here are some shots of my humongo belly at the end of 36 weeks (yes, I know, the thing is huge!) :

kind of dark, but you get the idea

my maternity shirts barely cover this thing anymore

I think this kid is going to be huge like her brother, Mr. IJ 11 lbs. 2 oz. I'm in trouble. ;)

Monday, April 23, 2007


The other night during dinner C points to my belly and asks, "Is there a flusher in your belly?"

If only it were that easy...


Sunday, April 15, 2007


Just to let you all know, we're all still alive out here! ;) I know it's been a while since I posted on here, I've been bad. :) Lots of stuff has been going on around here since I last posted, like C turning 4, and our weeklong vacation to see family in Minnesota and St. Louis and the "Go, Diego, Go!" live show. Plus I got Adobe Photoshop Elements 5.0 and discovered digital scrapbooking, so now every time I'm on the computer I'm either on scrapbooking sites or playing on Photoshop. :) I know, excuses, excuses. ;)

Anyway, R wanted me to post photos of his new toy, a Yamaha motorcycle. We are just collecting the boy toys around here, with the trucks and the 4 wheelers and the snowmobile (plus C got his own kid sized gas powered real 4 wheeler for his birthday!). When R came home with it in the back of his truck the other night, I sent the boys down to look out the door's window. I said, "Do you guys see daddy's new toy in the back of his truck?" And C exclaims, "It's a, snowmovile?" He he he. :) R's pretty proud of it, and excited about all the gas he's going to save this summer. :)

Here's the photos of the new motorcycle taken by R, and some photos of R on it, taken by nana:

And here's a short video nana took of R out for a ride:

More blogging to come soon...maybe...we'll have a newborn next month so we'll see! :)

Monday, February 12, 2007


I've been out of lotion for the boys skin for a little bit now, and I was looking at C's face last night and noticing it was a little dry. I told R that I should probably pick up some more lotion, then I looked at C's hands and said to him (C), "Your hands are dry, too."

What does C say to this?

"No, they have skin on them."

Sometimes I wish I could follow that kid around all day with a tape recorder, with some of the things that come out of his mouth... :)

Monday, February 05, 2007


Last weekend we drove down to Green Bay to stay at the Tundra Lodge. And, of course, go to the water park. We went last year over C's birthday and he had a great time, but IJ didn't get to enjoy it as much as that was the day that he hurt his arm. So I was just as excited for him to be able to have fun this time. The whole drive down all C talked about (when he wasn't paying attention to the movie on the dvd player) was going to the water park, where's the water park, are we at the water park yet? And IJ would enthusiastically shout "water part!". So when we finally got to the "water part", they were pretty thrilled. We went up to our room and the boys climbed all over everything, with C shouting how the water park had this, and the water park had that. He found the bathroom and exclaimed "Wow! The water park even has a potty!", and then promptly dropped his pants and peed in it. :)

C making himself comfy on the couch

IJ flopped out on the bed

We eventually made it down to the actual water park area (we mean old parents made them eat dinner first, and of course mommy had to shave her legs to wear her bathing suit with her belly sticking out... :) and the boys had a great time. IJ definitely enjoyed it much better this time. He even rode down the big slide with R more times than C did (so glad I'm pregnant and didn't have to go on that slide :). C ran all crazy from this area to that area, from up the jungle gym thing with the big water bucket, to the kiddie pool with the little slide and water fountains (which he kept sitting on to stop them from spraying, and karate chopping...), to the hot tub with R (at which point I wasn't glad that I was pregnant since the hot tub would have been nice...). IJ followed everywhere with his little lip chattering; it doesn't take him long before he gets cold. I really didn't want to get that wet, so when C decided that he wanted to go float on the river, I thought that was a great idea, something I could do with them without getting soaked (cause I definitely wasn't getting dumped on by that big bucket). I took C on a tube with me, and R took IJ. But of course on the river was a little area that had rapids and some water falling down from a pipe. I bypassed it the first time around with C, but he got mad because of course that's the exact part he wanted to go through. I was going to go through it so the water from the pipe fell on C, but of course the ass R pushed his tube right up behind me and pushed my tube so that I went directly under the water. I got soaked, and C, IJ, and R were all very amused. So much for the idea that I wasn't going to get that wet. :)

Ready for the "water part"!

After we finished at the water park, R and I took the boys down to get ice cream cones at the little place next to the gift shop. We took them back up to the room and I sat them right in the middle of the floor away from the beds. Because I knew it was going to be a mess, but I didn't care about the floor. I didn't have to clean it, but I still had to sleep in my bed. :) Needless to say, the boys required a bath after they were done.

The next day (Saturday) we took the boys to Toys R Us (we don't have one where we live, and I also had a $5 off coupon :). C saw the sign as we were approaching in the car and said, "Is that Toys R Us?". Yeah, he's only been to that store a handful of times in his life, yet he knows one when he sees one. As we pulled into the parking lot, C said (as if trying to convince us that yes, we do want to stop at this store) "I sure do love toys!".

Next up was our required trip to Chuck E. Cheese. Thankfully we also don't have one of these anywhere near our house, so whenever C sees the commercial on tv and asks to go, I just remind him that "it's very far away." Chuck E. Cheese is a special occasion only thing.

C plays some air hockey with daddy

C stops mid-dance to see himself on the Chuck E. Cheese tv screen

C on tv!

C dancing for Chuck E. Cheese tv

IJ driving with Bob

C having a good time

Saturday night in our new hotel R and the boys splashed around in the pool and hot tub.

IJ goes flying

And daddy throws C!

We finished off our weekend Sunday morning with a stop to Once Upon a Child, a children's resale clothing store. I always make sure we stop there every time we go to Green Bay. This time I bought a bunch of little pink girlie things, because I can now. :) I even found a little pink dress with a frog on it! (I collect frog things.) Now she'll have something to wear with the little pink frog socks I found at Target! :)

Sunday, February 04, 2007


The other night C, IJ, and I planted some strawberry seeds in a pot. The boys decided that these seeds needed some music to get them growing faster (a la an episode of Jack's Big Music Show).

Here's C on guitar and IJ on drums, singing "Grow, Strawberries!"