Sunday, May 06, 2007


I may have mentioned before that for his 4th birthday, C got his very own gas powered 4-wheeler. No more Power-Wheels for him! (IJ has inherited C's old 4-wheeler and enjoys running into things. :) )

So far C's been just riding it around in a big circle in our yard until he gets used to controling it, and he's getting pretty good at it. He's only had one incident where he rode too close to nana and papa's truck and scraped some paint off the truck's front bumper. That freaked him out a bit (he did not want to tell nana and papa what he did when R made him go and talk to them) and he's been paying more attention since.

Since C's been getting better R has taken him out on a couple of short rides down the trail near our house (R on his 4-wheeler and C following behind on his). The last time they went out R took the camera and got some video clips:

When they got back to the house R was telling me how well he did on the ride, and then I watched the videos. "You didn't tell me he hit a tree!" "Oh, it was just a sapling." Yeah, these guys are gonna make my hair go gray very early in life... :)


Yep, I procrastinated until May. You all should have known that I would. :) Anyway here are some shots of my humongo belly at the end of 36 weeks (yes, I know, the thing is huge!) :

kind of dark, but you get the idea

my maternity shirts barely cover this thing anymore

I think this kid is going to be huge like her brother, Mr. IJ 11 lbs. 2 oz. I'm in trouble. ;)